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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What makes CoCo Crêpes, Waffles & Coffee different from its competitors?

A. With such a unique selling point, there is little to zero direct competition (depending on the region). We specialize in chef-driven recipes that have been enjoyed for centuries with a modern twist. Our concept, suitable all day, offers much more flexibility than a standard cafe or fast food outlets due to its diverse menu whilst maintaining a compact and efficient operation since we do not require any specialist staff and do not have a full kitchen.

Q. What is the cost of the crepe?

A. The crepe base point usually varies between USD6.00 and USD10.00 (some international markets may experience a higher base point range) and the average entree, including drinks, is USD8.00 to USD14.00. This makes it a reasonably priced dine in or take away option for families and singles.

Q. How big is each restaurant?

A. Our restaurants are anywhere between 1,000 to 2,500 sq.ft.  (170 to 280 sqm). 

Q. Who are your customers?

A. We welcome in our cafe a broad range of consumers, from singles to families, from students/professionals to retirees, and from locals to tourists. Women represent a significant portion of our guests. Overall, as a flexible meal eaten hot or cold, savory or sweet, everyone can enjoy a crepe from the very young to the very wise!

Q. What does the franchise system include?

A. It includes the use of the brand name, trademarks, recipes, operational systems and methods, and decor. Additionally, you will receive support in these specific areas:
Site selection guidance, Shop conceptual design including specifications for leasehold improvements, Consolidated package for most of the equipment, Initial training for owner, operations manager and staff, Ongoing training and updates (including quality control) for increasing efficiency and profitability, Ongoing culinary and beverage development, Supply of main ingredients and favorable national contracts with suppliers of goods and services, Operating manuals, procedures, marketing, and business management systems.

Q. Who designs and builds my store?

A. We will provide you with conceptual drawings and specifications for leasehold improvements (including some site-specific drawings). You will need a local architect to do the technical / building plans & project management. You will also require a construction contractor (shopfitter) for the construction. We will have a restricted supervisory role to ensure consistency of quality standards. All design elements must be approved by our corporate designer.

Q. Do you offer Area Development/Multi-Outlet opportunities?

A. Yes. We are actively seeking qualified candidates to develop between 3-10+ locations. We only offer single unit franchise opportunities in specific markets or under certain circumstances.

Q. How much are the on-going royalties?

A. Royalties are 5% of net sales. This is the current standard in most of our existing regions.

Q. How much is the on-going marketing levy?

A. 3% of weekly net sales is the current standard in our existing regions. 2% of this fund is managed by the Corporate Director of Marketing on a regional level and 1% is managed by the strategic partner on a local level targeting a 3-5 mile radius of your location.

Q. What type of Marketing assistance is available? 

A. Our Marketing Manual covers a wide range of marketing initiatives from grand opening programs to ongoing Local Store Marketing (LSM) as well as Public Relations and social media tips. As a Group, we have specific PR, social media and web tools to promote our brands worldwide.

Q. How is the site selected for my outlet?

A. We will provide you with a checklist to assist you during this process. We will also share our opinion & advice for you to benefit from our experiences. However, you will require a local expert to further advise you.

Q. How much can I expect to make in sales?

A. Legally, we cannot estimate the level of sales you will potentially make in your store but, from our experience, depending on many factors (such as type of shop, location, environment, demographics, country, etc), the current sales of our existing stores spread on many countries vary from USD400,000 to USD1.6 million+ on average.

Q. Is there any experience necessary to own a CoCo Crêpes, Waffles & Coffee franchise?

A. Our ideal target is someone with previous restaurant experience as well as someone who has the capacity and ability to manage expansion throughout its territory, demonstrating a depth in experience and strong management team. We also favor people already familiar with a franchise system and wishing to complement their existing portfolio with an exciting brand like ours. In some areas where single unit franchising is appropriate, we also welcome motivated and committed candidates with a strong background in business management or the food industry, franchise system conscious, strong customer focus and with a good local knowledge of their market.

Overall, we are interested in anyone with a passion for food and driven for success and someone who has the financial capacity to turn its vision into a reality.

Q. What will I need to invest to get my business started?

A. Based on locations that have opened in the 2017-18 calendar year, the start-up investment ranges from $274,000 to $646,000.  This includes the franchise fee, furniture, finished and equiptment, construction, etc. These amounts may vary in some markets depending on square footage, contractor and interior design elements.

Q. What is the development time-frame?

A. Usually, from finalization of the legal process to the opening of the first outlet, it takes 6 to 8 months if the lease negotiation stays within the standard time-frame. The construction (renovation only) itself should take 3 months minimum from landlord design approval. These time-frames may significantly vary depending on the region and specific circumstances.

Q. I’m interested in a CoCo Crêpes, Waffles & Coffee franchise. What do I do?

A. For more information about how you can become part of the Coco Crepes, Waffles & Coffee family, contact our office at 832-968-4644. You can also email Dana Donovan at or Juli Graves at