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An Innovative Concept

The concept is based on an authentic food tradition, which dates back centuries and has not truly been marketed yet to its full extent. There are not many new innovative food concepts that can be introduced in the market with global appeal.

International Inspiration

"Crépes” in the broadest sense are common in many regions worldwide, from the French-style crepe to the American pancake or the Spanish tortilla and the Indian dosa. The “beauty” of our crepes lies in their adaptability to any taste bud, country or culture. People can indulge in crepes in many ways: hot or cold, sweet or savory, plain or with filling. The combinations are nearly endless and are only limited by our imagination and personal preferences. Local product adaptation (either at a regional or cultural level) is very easy and enables us, theoretically, to successfully enter any market worldwide.

A Visual Show

Making crepes is both entertaining for the crepe-maker and the customer who can watch the crepe being created in front of them. The aromas of crepe, waffle or pancake cooking is tempting to any customers walking past. This provides a strong point of differentiation compared to other food brands. This theatrical effect, in a clean and pristine environment, is a great marketing tool, which grabs people’s attention and gives them the opportunity to (re)discover our products and enjoy either now or at a later stage.

Fresh & Healthful

As crepes are prepared in front of customers, they are assured that the products used are fresh and appetizing. People feel more comfortable when they are able to watch the preparation and cooking process and realize we do not hide anything. Also, they can notice how healthful our cooking process is, we do not use any oil or butter to cook crepes, and the how fresh and delicious our ingredients are.

All Day Trade

Crépes can be filled with nearly everything, from savory to sweet ingredients, depending on what people feel like at a given time. This means that due to the nature and appeal of our products, customers can eat crepes for any meal of the day (or as a snack), and it gives our franchisees the opportunity to maximize their daily sales. Our core star product is complemented admirably by our wide array of gourmet espresso drinks and coffees.

Diverse Menu

Our core products are crepes and coffees however we also have a wide selection of additional cafe fare items: omelets, soups, salads, paninis, waffles, pancakes, ice-creams, hot or iced drinks, smoothies and soft drinks. These are usually “side products” which are served as sides but they can also be ordered independently. The majority of these side products are complementary to our core products and do not burden unnecessarily our operations whilst still presenting our customers with a wide product choice. They enable us to capture a greater clientele at different times of the day. All of these products directly contribute to increasing the value of the average basket/docket and significantly increase the overall turnover with little involvement or cost of the operator.